Vinyl records cleaning kit

Clean old vinyl records

Vinyl records have made a comeback in recent years, but for some they never left. Many peoples vinyl collections include records from the 70s and before. The Condition of the records is vital as it has a direct impact on the sound quality. If you have an old vinyl collection then you need a vinyl record cleaning kit. This also makes a great gift for a father or husband who still love to play vinyl records.

Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit
Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit

Clean A Vinyl Record

With this cleaning kit for vinyl you get a 250ml atomiser bottle cleaning fluid. You also get a foldaway Stand, Two Micro cloths & Instructions. Plus free 10ml Stylus Cleaning Fluid. With this cleaning kit you can restore old vinyl records to their best. Cleaning a record will remove any annoying pops, hiss and click. The large, soft microfibre cleaning cloths and vinyl record cleaner  spray gently remove dust and grime from even the dirtiest vinyl records. The kit also includes a stand to dry your records after cleaning and Stylus Cleaning fluid that includes a stylus brush.

vinyl record cleaner
Vinyl Record Cleaner

Gift For A Vinyl Record Collector

If you are looking for a thoughtful inexpensive gift for a vinyl enthusiast then this vinyl records cleaning kit is an ideal choice. Trying to find them a particular record to buy them can be difficult and risky. Buying them a record player can be very expensive. If they have been collecting for many years which most vinyl enthusiasts have then they probably have all the records they want, as well as a great record player. But what they won’t have is a vinyl record cleaning kit to keep their collection in immaculate condition. If they do have cleaning equipment then they can always use more, as cleaning solution runs out. For More Great Gift Ideas Visit Our Home Page.