The gift of massage

Massage Oils

Give your boyfriend, husband or partner the gift of massage for his birthday. Also, a great anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift. Great Intimate experiences last as good memories for a lifetime, unlike throw away gifts that have no sentiment. When we say massage, we don’t mean a quick back rub, we mean massage your partner in a way he has never been massaged before. A back massage is a good place to start but it should not end there. The natural ending is your hands on his intimate areas until he climaxes like never before.  

Massage Oils

Which Massage Oils To Choose

There are many massage oils to choose from, you want one that is Water-based and doubles up as a lubricant like the ones above. These are Suitable for foreplay and intercourse, and safe for use with condoms. For a full range of massage products including massage candles check out the Bondara massage oils section

Now it goes without saying that the important part of this birthday gift for your man, is not the shoulder rub, it is the hand job. A good hand job technique is essential to make this a great gift. Imagine if  he returned the favour for your birthday and it was not pleasing. You would hope that he would surprise you with the best hand job techniques you had ever experienced. If you are unsure of your skills and need some hand job tips, we’ve got you covered.

how to hand job

How to masturbate Your Man

A survey of thousands of men revealed that 82% of men prefer a good hand job over receiving head. If your partner is not asking for hand jobs on a consistent basis it probably means that your techniques is not very good. For hand job tips you can scour the internet and YouTube but finding the best advice can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Check out The Ultimate Hand Job Resource Guide for information you won’t find anywhere else. Follow the link to get a FREE mini course that gives you 5 quick and easy ways to please your man with your hands. 

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