Staircase Slide

Kids Slide Indoor & Outdoor Toddler Stair Slide

Kids love playing on stairs, hours of fun can be had by children on a simple staircase. Imagine the fun they could have with a stair slide. No longer will the weather outside be an issue, this slide can turn your indoor staircase into the most fun your child can have.

Staircase Slide
Staircase Slide

Safe And Easy To Assemble

This Stair Slide comes with a safe and durable powder coated steel frame, handrails, and an adjustable bar for attachment to stairs, you can turn virtually any staircase into an indoor playground!

With easy-to-read instructions, and 3-sectioned slide chute, the Stair Slide is quickly and easily assembled, portable, and taken down for storage.

Indoor and outdoor stair slide
Stair Slide

Child Development

Slides are great for motor skill development for toddlers, preschoolers, and special needs children. The Stair Slide is particularly helpful for children who need to work on their sense of balance. This stairway slide gives children the chance to develop gross and fine motor skills even during bad weather. Physical play benefits a child’s health in many ways. Physical play is vital to your child’s development. Playing helps a child to develop connections between the nerve cells and the brain. Many children don’t get indoor physical play because indoor environments tend not to be suitable for indoor physical play. However, With This Stair slide indoor physical play is easy to obtain. This amazing stair slide is also great for toddlers’ parties and indoor entertaining Which is also great for toddler socializing.

stairway slide

Indoor or Outdoor

Not only is this slide an amazing indoor stair slide it also easily adjusts and is adaptable as a regular outdoor slide for the Garden. So if it’s summer and your child is playing in the garden then this slide is ideal. If its winter and the garden is cold and wet then you can easily bring the slide indoors and transform your stairs in to an adventure that will keep your child entertained for hours. For More Great Gift Ideas Visit Our Home Page.