Playmobil Hospital Sets

Playmobil Hospitals

For a great toy that can keep your child engaged for hours in the house, look no further than playmobil. If your child takes an interest in healthcare, doctors and nurses then these playmobil hospital sets could be an ideal birthday gift for your son or daughter. If they have not shown interest but you want your child to maybe be a doctor or a nurse then this is a great way to introduce them to the world of healthcare at a young age.  

Playmobil hospital toys

Playmobil make great toys for children for several reasons. They inspire active play and imagination. If a toy does all the work then they tend to lose their appeal after a short space of time and just end up cluttering the toy cupboard.  Playmobil are sturdy and well-made, they can last for years and even be passed down to younger siblings or dare I say, future offspring. Playmobil sets along with imagination lend themselves to more than one use. If your child has a playmobil hospital set there is no reason it can’t be put together with a pirate set or cowboy set as they are all the same figures and appropriately sized accessories. 

Playmobil 6657 City Life Children's Hospital
Playmobil 6657 City Life Children’s Hospital

Playmobil sets

There are many playmobil sets in all sorts of genres. The Hospital range is no different. Some sets available in the  broad range include, A maternity room, X-Ray Room and a specialist Doctor Ophthalmologist. The larger sets within the range such as the hospital include many sets in one. They also include a large building that can be modified and extended. The Playmobil 6657 City Life Furnished Children’s Hospital includes an operating room, a nursery room, a reception area and functioning lift. For More Great Gift Ideas Visit Our Home Page.