Naughty Coffee Mug

Naughty Mug

If your boyfriend is like most men then he will love boobs. For a cheap and cheerful stocking filler for his birthday or Christmas consider this hilarious naughty coffee mug. The mug itself is formed in the shape of a single boob with a nipple hole for drinking out of.

boob mug

Breast mug

The funny and quirky breast cup does not have to be used solely for coffee. You can also enjoy tea, hot chocolate and other hot beverages as well as cold drinks. It has also been known to be used as a gravy boat but it is best for tea or coffee. So if your boyfriend or husband likes a cup of tea or coffee and also likes breasts then this could be an ideal gift.

naught tit mug

Boob Mug

The Boob mug comes in its own box. Can Be delivered worldwide and comes in discrete packaging. This naughty coffee mug has the following features:

• Drinking mug designed in the shape of a single boob

• Nipple hole for drinking out of

• Made of ceramic for a quality and dishwasher safe finish

The naughty boob coffee mug also makes a great gift for other occasions. Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or even as a secret Santa gift for somebody at work. This mug is sure to bring a smile to the face of whoever receives it.

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