Mini circular saw cordless

Mini circular saw

The Worx mini circular saw is cordless and compact. It’s multifunctional for cutting various materials. This mini circular saw has a slim body for ease of use and a lock button to easily change the blades. Cordless DIY tools are much more desirable than corded ones for obvious reasons. Cords can get in the way and limit portability as well as causing tripping hazards. This cordless mini circular saw is rated one of the best on the market.

More Features

This mini circular saw has a vacuum adapter and laser guide. Cutting depth adjustment is quick and simple and the saw features a full metal guard design for safety. Perfect for plunge cuts and rip cuts around the house. The 20V battery is interchangeable with other WORX tools. This saw has a Soft grip handle and come in a compact portable carry case. It is also suitable for left-handed users.

worx mini circular saw cordless
Worx mini circular saw cordless

More functions

Ideal for cutting wood, metal, tiles, plasterboard and plastic. A blade diameter of 85 mm and a cutting depth of 27 mm which is adjustable. The charging time of the power share battery is 1 hour  the entire item when in its case with all its contents is 4kg. The complete kit comes with everything you need to start and finish your DIY project.  The kit includes Three different cutting blades, parallel guide, 20V 2.0Ah battery, charger and robust carry case. The laser guide built in and perfectly placed to enable accurate, straight cuts. This cordless saw is ideal for plunge cuts around the house. Plunge cuts are made to create vents, put in electric sockets, light switches and cutting out sections of flooring.

mini circular saw
Mini circular saw

Not just for Home DIY

This cordless circular saw is not just for DIY projects round the house. Many tradesmen buy this item for regular daily use such as roofers and carpenters. For long sustained use on big jobs larger batteries can be purchased which will last longer and need charging less frequently. A roofer compared the Worx cordless circular saw with a similar makita circular saw. He concluded that the makita is also good more difficult to hold and cut with one hand. If you are purchasing this as a gift be rest assured you are getting one of the best available. Any DIY Enthusiast such as a Husband doing odd jobs around the house will love this cordless saw. For More Great Gift Ideas Visit Our Home Page.