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Golf Gloves UK

Golf gloves UK are traditionally worn on the weaker hand of the golfer. If you or the person you are buying a gift for is right-handed then these are the gloves you want. A right-handed golfer will wear the glove on the left hand (the weaker hand). These gloves improve grip stopping the golf club from slipping out of the fingers and effecting the shot. The glove will also protect hands from Wear and tear which is important after 18 holes. Many golfers experience callouses on their hands which can be painful. These can be avoided with a simple inexpensive golf glove. The reason why most golfers only Wear one glove is simple. The weak hand does the most work hanging onto the club, and therefore, needs the most protection.

Cheap Golf Gloves
Cheap Golf Gloves

White Golf Gloves Cleaning

Cleaning white golf gloves can be a little tricky because the soft leather used on the gloves can get damaged in a washing machines. Golf gloves can also get pretty dirty as you can imagine as it an outdoor all weather sport.  The best practise for washing golf cloves is to wear it and submerge it in a bucket or cold water with some washing up liquid. Then gentle work on the stains with a dish cloth until the glove is clean.

Best Golf Gloves UK

These gloves are the best for the price you can get online. They come with great reviews on Amazon. You get 5 in a pack, so they can last for years. They are made with soft leather for comfort and look stylish. These gloves would also make a great birthday gift for anyone you know that plays golf. Whether it’s your father, husband, boyfriend or son. If they don’t already have golf gloves then this will be a gift that they can get regular use out of and will much appreciate. For More Great Gift Ideas Visit Our Home Page.