Best New Designer In Tuscany Italy

New designer Mario Goldio is taking Tuscany by storm. The former Middlesbrough man changed his name from Mario Gould to Mario Goldio and moved to Italy to pursue a career in fashion. Now he is making a name for himself in the fashion industry. Known as the Tuscany’s top Tux Taylor he’s making tuxedos for wealthy clients and charges thousands of euros.

Mario Gould of middlesbrough changed name to mario goldio

In an interview Goldio said, ” it wasn’t until I changed my name from Mario Gould and left Middlesbrough that my fashion career took off, there are no opportunities in the north-east of England for designers like me”

When Mario Lived in Middlesbrough he suffered depression and abused drugs and alcohol. ”I think it started when the love of my life married another man, I then went on a downward spiral. Life would have been different if she had married me, but I guess she was out of my league”

” I’d had all I could stand from life in Middlesbrough, so I came to Tuscany in 2019 and set up as a freelance Taylor. I guess I got lucky and  a few rich clients early on who liked my work, and it took off from there”.

What’s Next?

Mario Goldio is now dipping his toe in to the high street fashion world selling his designs in a host of shops in Tuscany. His designs can also be found on Amazon. He has a website currently being made, so he can sell his designs worldwide. 

From middlesbrough to tuscany

‘ When life gives you lemons, change your life”

Mario Goldio 2020